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Los Angeles County Employment Stays Steady

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The unemployment rate for Los Angeles County stayed steady during the month of March, at 11.8 percent. This is the third month that the unemployment rate actually remained steady. During the month, nearly 11,000 jobs were added and the unemployment rate has declined for the same month from the previous year, when it was at 12.2 percent. This information was provided by the Employment Development Department in report that was released on Friday.

Some of the jobs that have been added were in the leisure and hospitality sector, which managed to see an increase of 5,600 more jobs. This particular sector includes a broad range of different areas, which includes hotels, restaurants, sport events, and entertainment positions. There were also jobs added in the education sector and health services sector. There were also jobs added in the trade sector, transportation sector, and construction and manufacturing.

And while there were some gains, there were also some job losses. The job losses mostly took place with sound recording and motion pictures, with a decline of nearly 15,000 positions. The director of regional research for Beacon Economics, which is located in Los Angeles, says that the city is behind California with its curve due to the fact that the motion picture and sound recording industry dealt with such a huge loss. However, that particular sector is always fluctuating and may end up back in place within the span of just a few months.

A spokesman for IKEA, Joseph Roth, said that 2011 was definitely a positive year for the retail store, which specializes in everything one could possibly want or need for their home. Roth also believes that 2012 will be even better for the retail store, which is good for workers too because this means a higher demand for employees is necessary. With more people shopping at IKEA, more workers would be hired and would get more hours each day as well. There are many people in the United States who happens to be currently employed by IKEA and that number may increase soon.

There are several communities and neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area that are still dealing with some high unemployment rates. Some of these particular areas include El Monte, Baldwin Park, and La Puente, all of which are dealing with double digit unemployment rates. It is expected that thousands of jobs will be added during 2012 from the Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority, which is good for those who are working in the construction sector. One single project will help to create nearly 9,000 jobs, which is great news. There will also be several other construction projects, which will help to employ more construction workers.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes