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DG Expanding Online Data Offer

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DG, known for being one of the leading advertisement management/distribution platforms in existence, recently made an announcement about their agreement to obtain Peer39 Inc., which is privately held. Peer39 Inc. is known for providing webpage data, and DG will be acquiring it for an approximate amount of $15.5 million, which will be paid off in cash as well as in stock. DG believes that with acquiring Peer39, they will become the fastest growing company when it comes to real time bidding.

DG plans to pay off $10 million of the $15.5 million in cash. They will also provide 357,000 stock shares as well. The transaction between DG and Peer39 Inc. is expected to take place anytime within the next couple of days. The CE of DG, Neil Nguyen, says that advertisers desperately want to be able to rely on real time bidding, which is becoming such a common trend in the world of online advertising. Nguyen says that the Peer39 solution will go well with what is already offered by MediaMind and that it will cause strength in what they have to offer to the advertisers.

Peer39 is known for its excellent performance and what it has been able to do for the advertisers without causing any sort of concern for invading privacy. Peer39 offers a solution that is free of cookies, as the cookies basically store information from websites that have been visited, which could be an invasion of privacy for some.

The employees of Peer39 will not be let go and instead, they will join the MediaMind team, which is a division of DG. The CEO of Peer39, Andy Ellenthal, will now because the Executive Vice President for DG and its sales and ad operations on both the television and online as well. Ellenthal will report all his findings to Nguyen. Nguyen believes that this transaction was a wise choice, especially since Ellenthal will become part of the DG team. He believes that Andy Ellenthal has a lot of quality experience in the advertising technology world that he is a natural leader. He believes that Ellenthal will bring nothing but positivity to the team.

And, it seems Ellenthal feels the same. He says that he has watched as DG became the leading provider for advertisement delivery. He was also impressed by the strategic moves that DG was making, especially when it came down to the acquisitions. He is excited to start his new position and work with DG and its MediaMind division.

DG is a company known for connecting thousands of different advertisers and agencies, along with the audiences that they are specifically trying to reach, which includes targeted audiences. They currently work for a number of broadcast stations and web publishers in areas all around the world. Their online division, which is known as MediaMind, is known for helping marketers to benefit from their online advertisement campaigns.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes