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Jeff Brundage Leaves America Airlines

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Jeff Brundage, known for being the mastermind behind the strategy that America Airlines has set, will no longer be working for the airline carrier. His departure comes at a time where reorganizing is going on and other positions are being cut during the “thinning out” process. Brundage wrote a letter to his colleagues in which he stated that good things must come to an end. He will now step down from his position as the senior vice president for human resources. For a little while, he will stay active as an advisor for the chairman and chief executive. Brundage is sad to depart but believes that with the work that is being done now, obstacles will be accomplished. He knows that there is still work that needs to be done but believes at this time, for a number of reasons; it is time for him to move on and take on other challenges.

Brundage is going to be replaced by Denise Lynn, who has worked as the VP of employee relations since the beginning of this year. Lynn first started working for American Airlines in 1989, over two decades ago, as the financial analyst. She has since worked in a number of different positions for the company and seems to excel as a leader. In the meantime, the chief executive, Tom Horton, says that Jeff Brundage worked very hard to fill one of the most challenging positions of the entire company, doing such a great job and staying determined the entire time. He says that he respect Jeff for moving on to this new stage in his career but that American Airlines will forever appreciate all that he has done. He also congratulates Denise on the position she is taking over, especially since he feels she was the perfect fit for the position. Horton says that Denise is very experience but is also committed, which is what the company needs in order to have the utmost success.

Lynn is also setting up an entirely new position, which will be known as the vice president for people and diversity. This job, according to American Airlines, is a combination of two different positions put into one single position. In the past, American has dealt with some seriously shaky relations and Brundage was always there to work things out. He became the senior vice president for human resources back in 2004 and held the position ever since. And, while Brundage did a lot of good for the American Airlines, he was known for being quite controversial as well. At one point, he complained that pilots should not complain about their pay, stating that if they want to receive the amount of money that an executive receives, they need to work hard to become a veteran instead of choosing to be a pilot. Regardless of the controversial past that Brundage has had, American Airlines will always appreciate his work.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes