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Trulia Mobile Ads Offering Platform for Real Estate Agents

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The website, known for being the best place for real estate agents and those who are looking to buy, sell, or rent out a home, has recently made an announcement about its Trulia Mobile Ads. This will be the first time that the company is offering an advertising platform that has been designed to help those who work in the real estate profession, especially so that they can reach buyers who are prepared to buy or rent homes and are also using their mobile devices during their search for a home. With an increasing number of people using mobile devices, many of these people are, in fact, relying on their mobile to help them with their search for a home.

With Trulia Mobile Ads, the real estate agents will have the opportunity to buy a certain amount of space for advertisements, which will ultimately help them to generate leads from consumers who are interested in taking a look at the homes that are up for sale for rent. The Trulia Mobile Ads are basically used as a way of targeting specific buyers, based on certain demographics and the area in which they live. Real estate agents will have the opportunity to buy different advertisement spots for different zip codes, which can include banner advertisements or even full page advertisements. With these types of advertisements, the consumers, those who are interested in the homes, can easily call the real estate agent or e-mail the real estate agent from the advertisement, which adds to the convenience for both the consumer and the real estate agent. These mobile advertisements are displayed within a number of different apps for both the Android and iPhone. They are also featured along the website for Trulia.

The CEO of Trulia, Pete Flint, who also happens to be the co-founder of the company and website, says that mobile advertising is definitely the future for real estate agents and consumers who are interested in buying or renting property. Because of this, Flint says that Trulia wants to be able to help the real estate agents so that the can easily connect with the consumers. There are tons of consumers who rely on their mobile devices for their search for a home and that number of people will only continue to increase, especially as more people are becoming mobile-savvy. Trulia is a website that strives at providing an innovative experience for all of their consumers, ensuring that they are satisfied with their service and can find the home that they have been looking for, no longer have to spend weeks and months searching for the perfect home to rent out or buy in their specific location.

Trulia Mobile Ads Offering Platform for Real Estate Agents by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes