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Better Job Market since the Recession

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Danny Lowinger, who is 22 years of age and will be graduating from Bowdoin College this month, is lucky. Unlike some college graduates in other areas, he will not be unemployed upon graduating and instead, has job lined up for. Lowinger managed to land a job that was ideal for him and he is not the only one. Many of his peers will also be headed out into the workplace upon graduating from college. The job market is slowly improving and the employment prospects for those who have recently graduated from college are better than they were since the recession started. Once the recession began, it was then that the recent college graduates ended up dealing with the brunt of the job market, unable to find work, even after obtaining specific degrees that are required for certain positions.

It is definitely good news to see that the job market is improving and beating out recession-level lows. The unemployment rate for recent college graduates was quite high during the recession but it has been dropping little by little with each year that passes by. During both 2010 and 2011, the unemployment rates for recent college graduates were at 8.1 percent and 9.1 percent. However, from the span of January to April, the percentage was much lower, at 7.2 percent. This is a good thing for all of those college students who are graduating within the next few weeks, as the employment picture for these individuals is finally improving.

A study, which was recently released and surveyed around 225 different employers, found that nearly 90 percent of employers are planning to hire more recent college graduates than they did during the previous year. Most of these employers also said they have recently hired several recent college grads within the past few months. This comes at a time where companies and businesses are starting to have faith in the economy and its recovery, and because of that, they are starting to hire more employees to work for them. The founder of Millennial, responsible for the study, Dan Schawbel, says that the job picture is improving, that is for sure. But, he also says that it is not back to the way it was before the recession took place, so there is still work that needs to be done with the recovery process. The point of the study is to generally show people that even with a degree or multiple degrees, there is no actual guarantee that an individual will immediately find a job upon graduating from college. He also points out that an internship does not always mean that the student will be automatically hired to work as an employee for the company.

Better Job Market since the Recession by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes