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Administrator Wasting No Time

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In Tazewell County, there is a new administrator in charge, Michael Freilinger, and he has decided to waste absolutely no time at all when it comes down to working on the county and its operations. He has already worked hard on different ways in which the county can meet the goals of the board while still being able to improve the efficiency of the administrators. He has come up with several different changes, some of which have to do with the structure of the staffing for the county, especially when it comes to the Human Resources department. He claims that the changes he has created will help to address a few of the things that were placed on the list of priorities, in which he received when he was first hired.

Freilinger has introduced his set plan after only receiving his position within a month. His new plan will cost anywhere from $70-90,000 but are supposed to help out with the county and the development it needs to improve the economy, which is generally important to the residents of the county as well. An improved economy equals happiness all around. Several thousand of those dollars would be put toward the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission, helping them to create a study of Tazewell in which they can figure out what it is, exactly, that the county needs. The rest of the money would be put toward other services that would help the county to develop its economy so that it is continuously improving. Money would be given to a consultant who would operate as an economic development coordinator, especially since at this current moment, the county does not have that kind of position in existence.

One board member, Tim Neuhauser, agrees that there is someone who should be hired to work on the development of the economy, putting in effort to help different groups with making improvements. Neuhauser says that this person would have to currently live in the county and believes that if this happens, there will be a lot of opportunities made available within the county. In the meantime, an opposing board member, Dean Grimm, believes that a person working a position like this would not necessarily serve such a large purpose. He believes that it would be difficult to figure out whether or not the person working that position was actually working in an effective manner, in a way in which the county would see major economic improvement. Along with the changes, Freilinger has also presented a number of alterations he hopes to make within specific departments. He would also like to save the county money by getting rid of a position that is currently not filled, which is the position as an IT director.

Administrator Wasting No Time by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes