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Advertisement Speaks to Customers by Their Name

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With new media created, it is finally possible for advertisers to specifically tailor their message down to targeting a person on an individual basis, which is something that advertisers have always wanted to do, because with personalization, consumers will often be willing to try products or services that a company has to offer. There is a new campaign in which consumers are addressed on an individual basis, by their own name. The advertisements are featured in the mainstream media, so that tons of people will hear them.

The campaign just started last week and is actually for the Direct Energy Company, designed to promote the operations that the company currently has in Texas. The budget for the campaign was at about $1 million and works on really using the word direct, from Direct Energy, by speaking straight to the different customers. Customers are not shown by face but instead, they are referred to by their own name, with short descriptions and details made about each of the different people. Each of the advertisements targets a different person, using catchy phrases and cool direct language, which is something consumers can truly relate to.

Direct Energy believes that it is best to be direct with customers, which is why their campaign has been set to be just that, direct. Their advertisements are not just featured on commercials on the radio and television but are also featured on advertisements that are outdoors, along with print advertisements too. CHI & Partners is the advertising agency behind all of this, helping Direct Energy to have a successful running advertisement campaign. The campaign proves how different efforts are being made from marketers who want to be able to personalize advertisements so that the consumers feel more comfortable with the brands, products and services being offered. It is not always easy to connect with tons of different consumers at one time but that is what this type of campaign is trying to do.

The advertisements are definitely working, especially when it comes to creating a buzz all around, as people are wondering who these people being named in the advertisement are. Direct Energy is excited that it is creating buzz and are hoping to continue creating the buzz, as this was one of the primary goals for the company, along with helping people to understand that they are friendly company that works with each person as an individual, which is something consumers tend to appreciate. At this point in time, being able to speak directly to customers has become increasingly popular. It is what the consumers want and it is what Direct Energy is finally able to give them, with the help of CHI & Partners. Direct Energy is known for being one of the largest utility companies in the state of Texas, serving hundreds and thousands of customers.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes