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HR Director and Politics

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The new deputy director of human resources for Lackawanna County has plenty of experience in human resources but he also seems to be an expert at political campaigns as well. The human resources director, Brian J. Loughney, is only 27 years old and lives in Dunmore. Do not let age fool you though, because he has received his master’s degree from the University of Scranton and also has plenty of experience in the field of human resources, having worked with a private company for several months before he chose to take on the position of becoming the human resources director for Lackawanna County. Prior to working in the human resources field, he worked as an intern for several months. He actually served as an intern for the Senator Bob Casey and also worked as the finance director of a campaign for Corey O’Brien, the County Commissioner. He is definitely no stranger to working with political campaigns, which is for sure.

Loughney was recently announced as being the new human resources director for the county earlier in the week. The county commissioners also made an announcement about their plans of hiring consultants to overlook the different types of benefit plans that are provided to employees of the county, while also reviewing the policies of human resources for the county. Loughney will be receiving a salary of $43,000 per year and was chosen for the position simply because he was the best candidate for the position out of all of the applicants. He has the degree and the experience, matching up perfectly with the qualifications for the job and was also willing to work for less, as many other applicants had demands in which they wanted to earn a starting salary of at least $100,000. O’Brien says that there were other applicants who had what the county was looking for as well but says they were not willing to work for anything lower than $100,000. The county is on a budget but those applicants did not want to hear it, as they set demands for their starting salary.

O’Brien points out that he has the time to work with Loughney and has connected with him well. He says that Loughney is competent for the position and will fit in just fine. He also praised Loughney for getting the job done and having lots of determination. O’Brien believes that he will do a fantastic job as the new human resources director for the county, even during a time in which controversy has occurred over the hiring of a new human resources director. Many people, however, believe that Loughney deserves a shot and are excited to see a younger man fulfill the needs of the human resources position.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes