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Online Marketing Rip-offs

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Webrageous, a pay per click marketing firm, has recently provided evidence that shows pay per click campaigns that fail are often poorly managed, which could be the general reason as to why they fail in the first place, as proper management is generally so important. The Director of Marketing for the firm, David Chapman, says that advertisers are finding it challenging to find pay per click management that actually works and is effective in assisting with their campaigns. Because of the lack of finding effective management, the advertising that they are doing online is taking a toll and seems to be suffering. This has become a major issuer for many advertisers, especially during a time in which Internet Marketing fraud is on the rise.

With an increase in pay per click management that is not up to par, many advertisers have had to deal with campaigns that just did not work and actually ended up failing. In fact, a quick look at the Ripoff Report will easily show that there have been thousands of reports made based on Internet Fraud alone, all of which have been made within the past decade, dating back to as late as 2000. And while the fraud has been going on since then, it seems to have rapidly increased throughout 2012, which is bad news for advertisers who are looking for proper management and ultimate success. There have been many complaints made by advertisers who claim that fraudulent Internet Marketers have damaged their campaigns.

It is an unfortunate thing to deal with, as fraudulent behavior is on the rise and it is the advertisers who are dealing with the aftermath of such behavior. The vast majority of advertisers are smaller businesses who are struggling as it is throughout this economy and when fraudulent marketers rip them off, they can easily put them out of business. All businesses in the United States need to be overly cautious of their pay per click management. Webrageous cares about the advertisers and they want them to be informed about the risk that are out there, especially when it comes to Internet marketing and the people who are trying to fraud advertisers. Webrageous says advertisers need to make sure that the marketers have experience and the right qualifications. A few recommendation and positive reviews would also be a good sign.

If the pay per click management team that advertisers plan to hire has been able to advertise for their own services in an efficient manner, chances are they can do the same for advertisers as well. However, if there is not much information on them, they should likely be avoided at all costs. Any marketer in question can also be checked out on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes