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City Workers Expected to Receive Raise

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In the city of New Philadelphia, Ohio, a number of city employees who chose not to bargain will likely receive a raise of their yearly salaries. The raise they will be receiving is expected to be 3 percent more than the salary they currently receive. The City Council gathered together on Monday to talk about the resolution they have created as a way of helping these city workers to receive the raises they have been hoping for. Full-time employees will likely see these pay increases in only a matter of time. John Zucal, the chairman for the Salary Committee, said that after the raise occurs, recommendations will be made on the suspension of rules for three of the readings, in hopes that the resolution will be approved at the meeting, which is set to take place on the 25th of June. On Monday, Zucal did not have any figures set or available, which would have provided better insight on the cost of the project and the pay increase, along with how many employees would see a raise.

While Zucal did not have any figures, he said there is good news for the people within the community of New Philadelphia and the good news is that a 3 percent increase has been placed within the budget that is being set for 2102. This is an increase that was anticipated by the community and the city workers who have been hoping to receive a raise. Zucal says that it is important to review all of the different issues at hands, starting with the many different employees within the group. He says that they are looking at a whole lot of people, instead of just grouping them all in with one another. Zucal made his announcement directly before the Mayor Michael Taylor. The Mayor says that progress is being made and that there are going to be adjustments made to the handbook, so the primary goal is to ensure that the handbook is updated. Once the new handbook is created and developed, prior handbooks will no longer be used or relevant.

Zucal believes that there will not be any major issues with getting the resolution to be passed during the meeting with council. He believes that all will go well, especially since there has been a lot of energy and effort put into determining who is eligible to receive the raise and who will actually see the 3 percent increase of their salary. With the right research being made to determine that everything is fair and works out properly, Zucal believes that council will easily pass the resolution, believing that it is best for the city and will make a number of city workers much happier.

City Workers Expected to Receive Raise by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes