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Employers Increasing Benefits for Employees

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A large number of employers are beginning to increase the amount of benefits and offer more benefits for their employees as a way of helping the employees to improve their own health, especially during a period in time when health concerns are on the rise. The Society for Human Resource Management conducted a survey, as it does each year, and recently released the information about employers and their increase of benefits for employees. Within the past five years, employers have drastically increased the amount of benefits that are rewarded to employees so that the can improve their overall health and wellbeing. This proves that many employers are beginning to realize the importance of keeping employees healthy and that employees are also realize the importance of taking good care of their health, along with enjoying the perks that come along with completing such programs.

The numbers of employers that are offering health and lifestyle programs have greatly increased and so have the number of employees who are actually participating in such programs, especially since upon completing these programs, the employees are receiving all sorts of bonuses and rewards for taking the time out to participate in a program that helps them to improve their own health. Employers are starting to realize how important it is to give employees a chance to improve their own health, especially because it can help them to benefit too. When an employee is healthier and not nearly as stressed, they are far more productive in their place of work.

Many organizations are continuing to figure out different ways in which they can help encourage employees to become healthier and also lower the cost of healthcare. When employees take proper care of themselves, they are far more likely to be healthier and therefore, the cost of healthcare can be dramatically reduced. With the economy still struggling, many employees have had to deal with a major lack of benefits that are offered by employers. However, because of the economy, some employers are starting to give the employees control over the types of benefits they receive. With this type of control, employees have the opportunity to figure out how they want to manage their health and how they want to save up money for their retirement fund. Some of the benefits that seemed to be most important amongst employees included paid holidays, prescription drug coverage, benefits for domestic partners and health care premiums discounts, as the premiums often cost a whole lot of money.

Those employers who responded to the annual survey about benefits were asked a series of questions that had to do with the type of benefits offered to employees, along with programs and different services that were offered as well.

Employers Increasing Benefits for Employees by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes