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New Vice President of Human Resources for

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The popular couponing website,, has recently made an announcement about its new addition within the human resources department. The popular website has named Michel Murgel as the new vice president of human resources for Murgel is definitely not a newbie to the human resources department and actually has two and a half decades worth of experience with human resources. The website believes that with her experience, she will be able to improve the standards of the company. The COO for, Brandon Weisfeld, spoke very highly of Murgel, stating that she is such an enthusiastic person with high energy that tends to rub off on others. He feels as though she was the perfect pick for the position and that she will fit in with the company and website.

Murgel’s responsibilities for will be to look over all of the different aspects of the human resources department. Some of these aspects include the compensation and benefits employees receive, along with organizing and developing everything so that the company is operating efficiently and to the best of its ability. has recently receive recognition for being one of the greatest places to work and because of that, it is generally important for the company to have an efficient human resources department. As Murgel takes on the position, she will work on the expansion of different programs, along with helping these programs to improve overall. She will be responsible for the training that will take place as a way to help the company to continue growing and expanding.

When asked about the opportunity to take on such a position, Murgel seemed very excited and says she is thrilled to be able to join, along with the talented individuals who she will now have the opportunity to work alongside of. Murgel spoke highly of and was appreciative for being chosen to become the vice president of the human resources department for the popular company and website. Steven Boal, the CEO for, also said he is excited to have the chance to work with Murgel and believes that with all of her expertise, she will be able to help to become one of the best places for employees to work. He also believes she will be the one that helps the company to grow, as this is what the company has been working on for a while.

Weisfeld says that the company will only continue to reap the many benefits of having Murgel as the vice president of the human resources department, as she will help to ensure employees are performing accurately so that the company can truly grow at the rapid pace that it wants to grow.

New Vice President of Human Resources for by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes