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Advertising Companies Assist Patient

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A woman known by the name of Aretha Swift is in need of a healthy kidney. If she receives the kidney she needs, she will able to likely live a longer and much healthier life. Swift was in need of a kidney and not sure what to do, so she took a unique approach to find someone who would be willing to donate their kidney if they happened to be a match. Swift, who happens to be a Norristown resident, started an advertisement campaign to raise awareness of her situation and find someone who would be willing to donate their healthy kidney. She has been featured on various billboard messages as a way of getting the word out there so people know she needs help and would possibly be willing to assist her during her time of need. The billboards she has have now inspired many advertising companies to help Swift with her search. There are now tons of billboards located all around different areas, which helps to increase the chances of Swift finding someone who is a match and would be willing to donate their kidney.

Several different advertising companies, including Adams Outdoor Advertising, Besko Media and Jersey Outdoor, have all felt inspired by the advertisements and figured they would do what they could to help out this mother so that she could get the kidney she needs. Swift is a mother of three kids and is also very active in her community. Thaddeus Bartkowski happens to work for Catalyst Outdoor, an advertising company, and first heard about Swift from his mother. She heard the news about Swift and how she was looking for a kidney donation so she decided to inform her son, who ended up helping increase the exposure by letting tons of advertising companies know about the woman and her goals. After his mom called him, Bartkowski called Aretha Swift and had a long conversation with her. He spoke with her for quite a while without letting her know that he worked in the advertising business right away. Swift never asked Bartkowski to do anything for her but he took it upon himself to figure out a way to help Swift on her search for a kidney. He met her in person one week after their phone conversation and that is when he started contacting advertising companies. It was shortly after that when things started to fall into place.

Bartkowski says that he wanted to get her story out to the public and that when other companies found out about Swift; they were willing to help as well. There are advertisements being displayed in many different areas, ranging from New York to Delaware and even Pennsylvania. With so many advertisements, Swift will likely find the kidney she needs.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes