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Google’s New Nexus Tablet

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Google has recently announced the introduction of its new tablet, the Nexus 7 Tablet, which will sell for about $199. The tablet is basically a handheld device that runs much like a computer and is equipped with a 7-inch long screen. The new release of the tablet is Google’s way to compete with other major companies, such as Apple and Amazon, and stay up to date with the demand that consumers have for tablets, as so many people are now using them. The Nexus 7 will be available for purchase at some point during July. Google’s Android devices have managed to take over the smartphone market, as over half of the consumers are using an Android phone at this point. However, the tablets seem to be working in Apple’s favor, which is something Google wants to change. With the new tablet being developed, Google will be dealing with some serious pressure, especially since the company has to deal with some major competitors. Microsoft recently announced the launch of its new tablet just a week ago, which means that both companies will be battling it out to win over sales.

It is believed that the market for tablet is going to increase, with 118.9 million units being sold during this year. If this is the case, the number of units sold this year will have actually doubled from the previous year, which is generally a good thing for these companies as they continue to produce different tables for consumers. At this point, Google is dealing with some of the different challenges that occur when taking on the tablet market. Google has to compete with some of the well-known and loved products, including the iPad. Google’s Android tablets are available to users under an assortment of different companies, including HTC and Samsung. However, the primary goal that Google has is to have its own name on these tablets. The company also wants to get consumers interested by offering a device that is more compact and slimmer yet offers some of the very important aspects of a tablet. Google also wants to offer the tablet at a more affordable price so that people may feel more inclined to buy the Nexus 7 tablet over the iPad, which generally costs around $499.

Each of the different companies is working on strategies that enable them to compete with one another. The goal of most of these companies is to come out stronger than the iPad and produce a table that can gain the kind of popularity that the iPad has. In trying to compete with such a product, these companies have to do a whole lot of experimenting and research as well. Consumers often agree that the reason Android tablets are not selling as well as Apple’s tablets is because of the lack of apps. At this point, Apple takes the lead with the number of apps that are offered, which is something that consumers look for when purchasing a tablet.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes