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Volkswagen Hires New Employees

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Volkswagen has set up the celebration to welcome in around 500 employees who have recently been hired to work for the company over the span of a year. Out of the 500 new employees, 300 of them are working in the sales and marketing department while the other 200 employees are working within the human resources department. Welcoming Day typically takes place on the 25th and 26th of June but there will also be a special ceremony held on the 28th up until the 30th of June. During the ceremony, new employees receive their greeting for becoming a worker of the company. The ceremony is a great way for Volkswagen to bring the employees in, greet them and help them to feel welcomed in their new place of work while also thanking them for all that they have done so far.

With so many employees having been hired, Volkswagen is celebrating their hiring. Many of these individuals come from areas all around the world and not just in the United States. Those who choose to participate in the ceremony will be able to meet Dr. Horst Neumann as well as Christian Klingler, both of which are boar members. Dr. Horst Neumann is excited about greeting all of the new employees who have started to work for the company over the past year. He says that many of the new employees come from areas in Germany. He believes that the program helps to encourage employees and increase their knowledge, while also showing them that the company values their employees and all of the hours of work they put in.

Christian Klinger, the Group Board Member of Sales, also said that the primary goal of Volkswagen is to have the best sales team ever and in order to make that happen, it is important to hire the right employees for the position. He believes that by having a Welcome Day for the employees, the company shows how motivated they are to bring every employee together as a team and also shows how much Volkswagen values its employees. When employees feel appreciated and respected, they feel more comfortable in their place of work and will often do a better job so that productivity levels are at their highest and the company can pursue its goals as having the best sales team in existence.

During the Welcome Day program, employees will have the opportunity to view a number of different presentations that will be performed by some of the most qualified experts. Employees will learn more about marketing products as well. Along with the presentations, employees will be able to talk with one another and take tours of the factory. Overall, it will be an exciting event for those who are working for Volkswagen.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes