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Advertising and Harmful Products

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During the 20th Century, it has been all about taking down these big tobacco companies and raise awareness of the negative effects that these problems can have on human health. It is now 2012 and there are many different campaigns that have been set up to go against the companies that work in this specific industry. One watchdog group recently came up with an advertisement campaign, which is referred to as the Big Chemical, which is their way to advertise for the push of a specific act, the Safe Chemicals Act. The advertisements basically provides Americans with insight about how companies have been misleading them about their chemical products and the harm they can cause, just like the tobacco companies once did, which is why they feel that a regulation needs to be put into place.

The first advertisement was displayed in Politico in early June and showed an advertisement from Joe Camel back in the early 90’s while also holding a container of a green liquid. The second advertisement in Politico was displayed just a few days ago and showed a man representing Marlboro while holding onto a lasso and riding a horse. The text that was on the advertisements, however, was not in support of either of these tobacco products. Instead, there were warnings made about how the producers of these chemicals are being deceptive about how harmful these chemicals can be which is why the Safe Chemicals Act is so important.

While there is such a huge controversy going on about chemicals, there continues to be controversy about other types of products as well, which includes soda and sugary drinks that are known for being not healthy at all and are also being blamed for contributing to childhood and adult obesity. The war against these drinks and their advertisements is starting to look a whole lot like the war that was once made against tobacco products and the advertisements that are made by the companies that produce such products. At this point, restrictions are being pushed because soda and sugary drinks have been linked to health problems in both children and adults and with a restriction put in place; it is possible to drive down the cost of healthcare.

In the meantime, the American Beverage Association continues to spend millions of dollars for advertisements that will be displayed on television as a way of raking in and getting more people to buy the products they are selling. In the advertisements, statements are made about trying to help the general public to fight obesity instead of trying to contribute to it. The advertisements are being displayed in two separate languages, both English and Spanish to point out the efforts that are being made for controlling portion size and creating drinks with fewer calories and less sugar.

Advertising and Harmful Products by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes