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Tracy’s Administrative Services Director

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The city manager has selected who he would like to fill in the position of the administrative services director for the city. Jenny Haruyama has been chosen for the position and at 42-years-old, she will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of human resources and technology support. She will start working within the position on August 16th, which was recently announced in a press release from the City Manager, Leon Churchill. When Churchill made his press release on the 17th of July, he spoke nothing but positive about Haruyama, talking about how she had exactly what the city needs. According to him, she was the fit that the city wanted and needed, especially since she has the type of skills and experience that is required for the position.

Haruyama will take on the position, replacing Zane Johnston and Maria Olvera as a way of helping the city to save money while cutting back on the number of departments that are currently available within the city. Johnston has chosen to go through with early retirement and will be officially retired in December of this year. Olvera left the city by choice. Choosing a replacement for these two individuals was difficult and exhausting. Haruyama says that she was interviewed by several different people, including city employees and department heads. She says the process was quite lengthy and thorough but she is happy that she has been selected for the position.

Haruyama will typically earn around $148,580 each year. She could end up earning up to $180,603 per year and will also be eligible for different types of benefits, including a car allowance each month and plenty of paid vacation time. Hauryama is transporting to Tracy from the Los Gatos area, which is where she has lived for the past twelve years. In her time working in Los Gatos, she has learned a lot about finances and technology, which gives her the extensive knowledge that the city of Tracy absolutely needs. She has had the opportunity to help Los Gatos with enhancing their services because of technology and hopes to do the same for Tracy.

Haruyama has spent most of her time living in Northern California.  She has a bachelor’s degree, which she obtained from the California State University. She also has a master’s degree, which was obtained from the California State University at East Bay. For the past two decades, she has been working for the government. She is excited about the transition and the opportunity to move her family into the Dublin area, which is located near Tracy but also near some family members as well.

Tracy’s Administrative Services Director by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes