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Justice Department Nepotism

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The Inspector General has recently made it clear that eight employees of the Justice Department, all of which were part of the management division, have violated specific laws of their employment when they decided to work on making sure that their relatives were hired for specific jobs in the department, even if they did not have the specific credentials for such positions. The Inspector General also says that along with being in violation, the evidence of such violations was also ignored. These violating practices were recently found about during an investigation of the Management Division for the Justice Department, which is the third time an investigation has taken place over the past ten years in this particular department. This type of problem is not something that is particularly new to the department, as the same type of practices ended up being found out about in separate investigations that took place back in 2004 and in 2008 as well. Although these practices were discovered, it seems that they continued for the next few years.

The Inspector General has made it clear that is illegal for the administrative staff members of the Justice Department and the Management Team to hire their family members or any person that they are related to. However, even though the rules were made clear, the Human Resources Assistant Director, Pamela Cabell-Edlen, hired the Administrative Services Director, Edward Hamilton’s, child and vice versa. Not only did these two employees violate the law, they have also been accused of lying about the decisions they made to hire each other’s children.  While these two employees are guilty of violating the law, they are not the only ones who have done something similar. In fact, there are other cases that have also been highlighted, one in which a daughter of the deputy of the facility was hired by the human resources assistant. Shortly after that, her brother was hired as well.

The report from the Inspector General was at least 100 pages long, revealing all of the information about what has been going on in the Justice Department, with employees who have been hiring their friends and relatives for a number of different positions and internships. The Inspector General also made it clear that these particular violations will no longer be tolerated and there is now a zero tolerance policy that has been put in place. The vast majority of the individuals who have violated these laws in hopes of helping relatives and friends get positions could end up dealing with some serious disciplinary actions.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes