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How to improve your resume: 6 tips

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Career expert Ellen Gordon Reeves, author of “Can I Wear My Nosering to the Interview” gives 6 tips on how to improve your resume. The tips are, 1.To include “skills” section on resume. 2.Create a resume format that works for new times to show off our skills to the best. 3. Avoid phrase “professional experience” and choose “Human Resource Experience.” 4. Don’t use self-assessing language on what actually we have done.5. Highlight proper names of companies on where we worked.6.Create e-mail addresses in “name job” format, (eg.Kathy_Jaeger.Human_Resources) in Gmail or another email platform and include only one phone number on resume.

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How to improve your resume: 6 tips by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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