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Montana Beauty School Sued For Shocking Sexual Impropriety

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When you enroll yourself in a beauty school, learning hair cutting skills would surely be part of the curriculum, but does that include trimming and waxing the owner’s pubic hair. The answer is yes, if the allegations made by the students, in a suit, are true.

The complainants, all women, have alleged that they, the owners, were lacking in ability and that they did not respond positively to the sexual harassment accusations.

The lawsuit filed by 17 former students and employees alleges that the beauty school in Montana used federal dollars to enroll students in education programs but did not have qualified instructors; moreover, the students were subjected to sexual harassment.

The suit further claims that the students were provided instructors who were “sleeping, surfing the Internet, conducting business, failing to properly teach the curriculum, and improperly delegating their teaching and supervision duties to unqualified, unlicensed students.”

The allegations go beyond these serious accusations. The complainants claimed that the school’s owners, Douglas and Barbara Daughenbaugh, would charge $9,950 for classes, expel the students and keep the money.

The women students also made allegations of outrageous behaviour, alleging that an instructor forced students to trim her pubic hair, and then use the dirtied scissors on customers.

The 10-page complaint charges, “Among the offensive and unwelcome conduct included, inter alia, the instructor publicly exposing her genitals, exposing her buttocks and requesting that students examine a boil to see if it could be extracted, requiring students to wax her pubic hair, using a student’s trimmers and wax stick to trim and wax her pubic hair that were, upon information and belief, then used on customer haircuts.”

The students allege that the owners operated the Beauty School as a “subterfuge” to amass tuition fees. Students who retaliated or were seen to be prompting state labor investigations were shown the door.

When a newspaper reporter called up the School to seek their side of the story, Barbara Daughenbaugh hung up the phone, saying that she had no knowledge of any such complaint and did not comprehend what the reporter was saying. “I’ve never heard of any federal complaint so I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said.

The complainants are seeking punitive damages for sexual harassment, unfair discharge, failure to meet the terms of the contract and unjust enrichment, plus attorney fees and costs.

The beauty school’s Facebook page – which has since been removed – said: ‘We are currently embarking on a new and exciting adventure as far as the direction that the school is going.’

Well, if the new direction is pocketing fees, bullying students into submission, not teaching the prescribed curriculum, getting students to examine boils in the nether regions and getting hair trimmed in areas, which most civil humans would like to keep as private as possible, it’s a direction best not taken.

Montana Beauty School Sued For Shocking Sexual Impropriety by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes