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Ads On Human Bodies

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When it comes to advertising we pretty much expect to see it everywhere. Billboards line the sides of the roads that we drive down every day. We see them in our favorite TV shows, in the magazines we read and on the web pages that we visit. The odds are good that you have seen at least several dozen this morning. And the odds are good that you have probably ignored most of them. After all when we are so saturated with ads we learn how to filter them out. You have to or you would never be able to drive your car to work or pay attention to the task at hand safely during most of the day.  This leaves people looking to get attention needing more extreme ways to get the attention of consumers.

That lead one woman, Margarita Dominguez, to use body art to get words out for brands. Her agency, called World of Margarita describes itself in the following terms, ““WORLD OF MARGARITA” is an umbrella of unique talents behind one Woman. Piano, Acting, Modeling and Fitness are an array of gifts that Margarita is blessed with and will now share with the rest of the world. Margarita attended LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts. She then attended Fordham University and graduated with a degree in Communications Music/Media/Film.”
The organization offers what they call Walking Bill-bods, where body art is used on living breathing people to promote a product. The woman behind the concept, and another group of relatively attractive younger people with their own aspirations of modeling, have begun to get sponsored to show off their body, with logos or other things worked into the designs in order to bring awareness to the company’s product. People who are interested in hiring the company can do so by contacting its founder.

Ads On Human Bodies by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes