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Affle Launches New Product

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Affle is a digital media company that was first founded by AnujKhannaSohum. It is known for its ambition and strong partnerships with P&G and D2C. While these are some of the things that Affle is already known for, there is now a new product that has been launched by the digital media company. This product will be referred to as Ripple and will operate as a network for both media and video advertising. Ripple claims to be able to deliver the best video content that will ultimately grasp the attention of consumers and truly get them to engage with what they are viewing. Ripple promises that it will be of much value for bother advertisers and publishers.

While there are other advertising networks available, Ripple will be different from other networks that are available because it will be relying on intelligent forms of advertising that will be used on smart screens to help improve the advertising experience. Recent research on consumers has provided insight on the fact that online video advertising helps to get consumers to look for products to find out more information rather than traditional television advertisements. This form of advertising is likely to be far more effective than other forms of advertising and it is because of those finding that Affle feels Ripple will help to improve the effectiveness of advertisements for advertisers and publishers who are trying hard to get the attention of consumers.

The Chief Technology Officer for Affle, Charles Yong, has said, “We have built some exciting innovations in Ripple like our new ad engagement unit ‘Storm’ which utilizes image search, voice recognition, face detection like technologies to identify the most relevant context in the content, to help deliver the most meaningful advertising. Our tests on some of these innovations have been hugely successful and we have observed significant increases in user engagement levels through such formats versus the regular digital advertising formats. I am confident that once commercially available these would get a lot more advertisers and publishers to work with us. We are also working on a lot of other next generation innovations currently, as we strongly believe that a solid technology backbone for Ripple could help us significantly enhance digital advertising effectiveness and the overall market size.”

The whole purpose and idea of Ripple is to provide an opportunity for publishers to reach out to the consumer and for consumer to enjoy the experience of viewing certain advertisements. With the use of advanced technology, Ripple could possibly change the way that advertising is portrayed to consumers, making it much more of an enjoyable experience than it ever has been before.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes