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Acquisition of OneDomain

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WideOrbit Incorporation, known for being a leader of providing advertising management software for various companies that need such software has recently announced its acquisition of OneDomain Incorporation. OneDomain is based in the state of Alabama and is known for being a software company that provides media planning software for a number of advertisement agencies as well as for radio stations. The purpose of the acquisition is to help WideOrbit strengthen the number of services it offers and increase it sales so that it can continue to be a leader of business solutions for the many media companies that it assists. The Founder of the WideOrbit Incorporation, Eric. R. Mathewson, has said, “We are very pleased to acquire OneDomain.” He has also said, “OneDomain has a great reputation for building quality software products and we are excited to have their talented team join WildOrbit.”

OneDomain first got its start over a decade ago, back in October of 2001 and has been providing both radio stations and television stations with a number of software solutions ever since. These solutions help sales professionals so that they can find out more information about their ratings and also target certain time slots so that advertisers can make the most of the advertisement being displayed, especially when attempting to target consumers. The first product that was ever a huge success for the company first debuted in November of 2003 and ever since that, the company was able to install its system into hundreds of different television stations and radio stations too.

The vast majority of clients for OneDomain are already using the WO Traffic Platform from WideOrbit because it helps them to manage a number of important things, including the amount of traffic received, the number of sales made and anything that relates to billing. WideOrbit has decided to integrate the solutions that OneDomain has to offer. The CEO for OneDomain, Charles Welden, has said, “We are extremely confident that WideOrbit will carry on the work that OneDomain has started with our customers and partners.” He also said, “We have been integrated with WideOrbit’s core WO Traffic product for many years and are now excited to be integrated with the balance of their team. We believe that joining our products and domain expertise will greatly enhance the experience for our joint clients.” The financial aspect of the acquisition has not been released to the general public just yet so it is not exactly clear how much the WideOrbit Incorporation officially paid to acquire OneDomain and its service.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes