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Co-Op Programs Assisting with College Grad Employment

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Upon graduating from college just a few months ago, college graduates may not have felt so optimistic about the job opportunities available to them, especially since the workforce looked so poor. In fact, the Economic Policy Institute has released information on the unemployment statistics for college graduates between the ages of 21 and 24. The total unemployment rate for this group of individuals was at a total of around 10 percent just last year. Underemployment was also a huge concern at 19 percent, with many college graduates working only part-time gigs or the jobs that did not pay nearly as much as these graduates could earn with the type of degrees they had received. A large number of recent college graduates are joining the same circle of graduates from the past few years, looking for employment and unable to find it. These employment woes have been a huge problem for college graduates for the past three years at least.

College admission consultants realize that these employment woes are a huge concern for college grads. The Princeton Review has already set out a list of ranking that provides information on some of the overall best career services for some of the leading colleges in the United States. One of the colleges at the top of the list was Northeaster University in Boston. The school is known for its co-op education that it openly embraces, unlike many other colleges. The co-op program at Northeastern actually happened to be one of the oldest and biggest co-op programs in the United States. This program allows student to switch off between semesters of academics and also semesters in which they are employed full-time. This is a type of program that seems to truly work out in the best interest of these college students. In fact, around 100 of the colleges in the United States are currently relying on co-op programs. These programs are also popular in technical schools. However, only a handful of these schools consistently feature such programs in their curriculum. There are a few other schools that also happen to do this, including Drexel University and the University of Cincinnati.

A large number of students at Northeaster in Boston typically choose to go ahead with the co-op program, especially since the school offers a number of job opportunities for students with several different Fortune 500 firms. Students can enjoy the opportunity of at least three co-op semesters during their time in college. It is believed that co-ops can be the answer to helping college grads fin employment, especially because it gives them the opportunity to be recruited earlier on in life, while they are still attending school.

Co-Op Programs Assisting with College Grad Employment by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes