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Joint Venture for ESPN, Arbitron, and comScore

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So many people have become accustomed to using the popular social networking website, Twitter, while they are watching television. These twitter users will often post different tweets about the programs they are watching. At the same time, tons of people listen to music on the radio while they are surfing the Internet or using their smartphone devices. And, with all of these different innovative changes, media companies are finding it hard to keep track of the many different people they are connecting with and attracting. It is for that reason that a joint venture is coming about. The joint venture will be between Arbitron, comScore, and ESPN, as a way of measuring the way that media is consumed on different platforms. The platforms will include radio, television, tablets, desktop computers, and mobile phones/devices. ESPN will officially be the first media company to have given this service a try.

The executive vice president at Arbitron, Manish Bhatia, has said, “The industry has been struggling with cross media.” Bhatia also said, “Any conference you go to there is a discussion around cross-media management.” Both advertisers and the different media companies are looking to find the answers on how advertisements and the content in such advertisements are reaching people. They are also looking to find out which of the different five platforms are the most effective when it comes down to getting the attention of consumers and keeping them interested in what is being offered in the advertisement.

ComScore will be of a huge assistance because it will be collecting data from the panels it has, which basically track the way that consumers user their smartphones as well as the way they use their tablet devices and desktop computers. The company can give information about the activity of different users, finding out what they do when online and what types of websites they are visiting. In the meantime, Arbitron will be providing data on the number of people who listen to the radio with the help of its Portable People Meter technology. The initial goal is to produce the necessary results that provide insight on the nation and not just one particular individual.

The vice president for the television sales and business section of comScore, Joan FitzGerald, says that these kinds of results can easily help the advertisers and different media companies so that they can figure out when it is a good time to reach certain types of people. FitzGerald said, “Really basic questions about cross-platform use are not answered today.” She also provided an example and said, “How many more people can I reach by combining PC and mobile?”

Joint Venture for ESPN, Arbitron, and comScore by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes