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Wicker Park Transformation

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Richard Seng, known for being a mastermind when it comes to all things entrepreneurial, also seems to be an expert at multitasking as well. Seng was working on the launch of his streaming live television business, which is known as Gigity.TV. While working on the launch of this television business, he decided that it would be a good idea to set up a contest for advertising. Not only would it just be an advertising contest, it would be something that would help benefit the people in the advertising businesses that are also located in the Chicago area.

It would also benefit the small businesses that are located around Wicker Park, a neighborhood in which Seng calls home. In the past few years, the Wicker Park area, which is located on the west side of Chicago, has definitely transformed into the place to be for a number of bohemian individuals. With the influx of these individuals moving in, more boutiques and unique businesses started to come about in the Wicker Park area. These little boutiques and shops basically cater to the want and needs of the residents.

Seng’s advertising contest is referred to as the 30 Seconds Over Chicago. He has even set up a website for the advertising contest. The website provides plenty of details and information on everything that relates to the advertising contest. Seng says that his contest is much of a cross between the two shows, Mad Men and American Idol. However, the whole idea of this is to help people in advertising connect and interact with the community, especially the residents living in the Wicker Park neighborhood. In the meantime, the contest allows participants to work on setting up an advertising portfolio and experiment with their own advertisements.

To sum it all up, Seng basically convinced over two dozen different businesses in the Wicker Park area to participate in the advertising contest. There are many different businesses that have chosen to participate in the contest. Some of the businesses include Reckless Records, Akira, and the Art + Science Salon. These quirky little shops have decided to get in on the contest. Individuals who are in the advertising field can easily check out the website and make the decision as to which of the businesses they like the most. Once they choose the business, they can post a pitch on what they would do for a 30-second long commercial. The contest is going on right now and all pitches must be submitted by October 9th at the latest.

Wicker Park Transformation by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes