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New Program for Human Resources Personnel

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WGU of Texas has recently announced the start of its new program, a program designed to help encourage the growth and expansion of human resources personnel throughout the state of Texas. The program is supposed to help these individuals in a personal and a professional manner. The scholarships, which have an individual value of around $2,000, are basically available for those who are working as HR personnel and are looking to increase their knowledge and enhance their experience so that they can ultimately receive more opportunities when it comes to finding employment. They will be able to pursue and complete specific degrees with the help of this university.

WGU Texas has chosen to partner up with the Texas State Council’s Society for Human Resource Management as a way of promoting the program. The State Director for SHRM-TSC, Nicole Shannon, has said, “SHRM – TSC is excited about partnering with WGU Texas.” She also said, “This program, and the online options made possible by WGU Texas, will elevate the education level of SHRM members throughout the state of Texas.”

In the meantime, the Chancellor for WGU Texas, Mark David Milliron, has said, “Talent management and learning management go hand in hand.” He also said, “HR managers and directors are making decisions that affect the welfare of many within the organization. Helping them continue their learning journeys benefits not only them, but also the thousands of employees they serve by extension.”

The WGU Texas is an accredited school that offers over 50 different types of degree programs for those who are interested in pursuing a degree in a specific field so that they can open up the doors for themselves and find more job opportunities. Some of the degree programs vary from nursing to business, education, and even information technology. The different programs offer convenient online learning, which is specifically ideal for adults who are already working and need to continue to work to support themselves but are also looking to further their education so they can obtain better job opportunities in the future.

The program provided by the WGU Texas is an ideal way for adults to earn the degree they need for a successful and rewarding career without having to pay a fortune at all because of the scholarships that are available, especially for those who are working as human resources personnel and are looking for a better opportunity in the near future. Milliron will be talking about this opportunity to a number of leaders and directors of the human resources department in just a few days.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes