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Discipline for Human Resources Director

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The human resources director for Burlington, Aaron Noble, has been put on probation, which will last for an entire year. The reason he was put on probation is because of finding from an in-house investigation, showing that a number of different prizes, gifts, and rewards were provided to employees within the city but those gifts and rewards were not accounted for. Due to his actions, Noble received a reprimand in writing and was also put on the probation due to the fact that he failed to implement the correct policies for the City and its Wellness Program. A statement that was released by the city earlier on in the week provided information into the investigation and the outcome of that investigation.

The in-house investigation found that purchasing records dating all the way back to July of 2007 up until August of 2012 showed that only a small percentage of the $15,725 worth of prizes and rewards could be accounted for with an actual recipient being named. No further details were kept on the specific recipients who received such gifts and rewards. Ever since 2007, the Wellness Council for the city has been hosting a number of different events to help encourage people to start eating healthier and exercising. The program has since been offering a series of prizes and rewards to help encourage employees to participate in the programs and basically give them somewhat of an incentive.

The auditors of the city, Stout, Stuart, McGowen, & King LLP, had carefully reviewed all of the information that was put together by staff members of the city. In June of 2012, they issues a statement in which they told the city they should be implanting certain policies based on procedures to figure out a way in which they could determine who would be eligible for specific incentives and for what reason. However, with such a long list of prizes that had been purchased for the Wellness Council over the past five years, there is obvious indication that a number of the items listed were never identified as to who the recipient of the prize was. There were a number of different prizes distributed, which included a cardio fitness machine, home theater, and DVD players.

At some point last month, the city council gathered together for a meeting. At that point, the City Councilman, Bob Ward, had renewed the request he made several months before, asking for information and documents on the prizes that had been given to city employees who participated in the Wellness Program.

Discipline for Human Resources Director by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes