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Have You Wondered Why, Even Though You Slog Your Butt Off, Your Lazy Colleague Gets Paid More?

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One of the main bones of contention, not to speak of disappointment, is when you find a wage disparity at the workplace. Whilst it’s understandable and acceptable when the higher wage earner is a senior and merits the salary but is a huge ego-dampener when it is someone who works far less than you.

How many times has it been that you find that you and your co-workers are assigned the same number of duties, having similar scope of responsibilities, yet you find that while you immerse yourself heart, mind and soul in fulfilling the project, the other workers take their own sweet time over it, and for some strange reason, the persons are treated on par with you and paid the same amount, even though they do not put even a fraction of the hours that you do, into their work.

What are you doing wrong and what are they doing right? You have brought this to the notice of your supervisor, but he says that he is helpless against a structure that is prevalent at the workplace since ages. Moreover, the employee could file a case if his rights are infringed upon, he says.

There is not much you can do about things that are beyond your control. How much money your lazy colleague makes is what the management will decide not you, so no point fretting about it? Moreover, you are being paid what you had been contracted for. They are not paying you less than what was agreed for, so why get vexed?

The same goes for the amount of hours that he puts into his work. Your complaining will not result in the worker being retained, terminated or transferred; on the contrary it will give you an unsavory reputation as someone who is a whiner and a grouch.

But there are things within your control. How many hours you put in is your choice. Always remember that a conscientious employee is always noticed by the management and they will always keep him in mind when the time for raises comes and he or she will most certainly not find their names on a layoff list if the management decides to make one.

So how do you deal with this unfairness? If things are genuinely biased and it is making the workplace an unfriendly and unhappy place, you can seek a transfer or even a new job. Ask yourself what is bugging you, the unfairness of the situation or is it about the money? If it is the money, you are unfairly causing yourself needless worry and stress.

You are not being treated unfairly or badly, it’s just that he is being treated extra-well. Why let that affect you. Of course you can ask for a raise, but you are being paid to work and that is what you are doing. Would you trade places with him and get a salary, which in your heart you know you do not merit or deserve?

He is getting the higher salary, but it is you who is earning the better esteem. This will reap rich dividends for you later on in your career. When the time comes for promotions, you’ll be the one they will consider, not your lethargic coworker.

Just stop thinking about this fellow. Just let that all go, and focus on doing your job well.

Have You Wondered Why, Even Though You Slog Your Butt Off, Your Lazy Colleague Gets Paid More? by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes