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comScore Launches vCE MP

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It was announced via a press release on Wednesday that comScore, Inc. launched its Campaign Essentials™ Multi-Platform (vCE™ MP). The launch will help provide validation for campaign delivery of ad impressions that are published on television, mobile and the internet.

“The launch of vCE MP is an exciting milestone for comScore that brings to market a revolutionary product that sets the tone for the future of campaign analytics,” said Cameron Meierhoefer, COO of comScore. “Existing cross-platform solutions are limited by the use of traditional panel-based measurement approaches that simply can’t scale effectively to account for the variety of digital media platforms that consumers use every day. To get meaningful campaign insights, sample sizes in the millions – not thousands – are required, and comScore’s census-based multi-platform methodology delivers exactly that. The result is a campaign analytics product that is both robust and comprehensive enough to address the key questions our clients are asking.”

Companies across the United States had nothing but excellent things to say about comScore and the news of the launch of vCE MP.

Brad Smallwood, the head of Measurement and Insights at Facebook, said: “Advertising measurement across TV, digital and mobile has long been heralded as the holy grail of media research. Having access to ad delivery data across multiple screens, including mobile, should provide answers to critical measurement and effectiveness questions that the market has been seeking for years. We applaud comScore for its innovation in this space.”

The EVP Global Research Director for the Starcom MediaVest Group, Kate Sirkin, said: “As we continue to build more meaningful experiences to connect our clients’ brands and to follow the consumer reaching them across multiple media, it’s important to measure how delivery and impact on these channels – both individually and in combination with one another – can drive value and efficiency is reaching our desired audiences. We applaud comScore’s innovation in methodology to help us and our clients measure those campaigns across those multiple platforms. vCE MP is a welcome addition to the multi-platform marketplace because it addresses the need for demographics, reach/frequency, and GRPs within and across platforms, and bring us an important step closer to a standard currency across all options. SMG is proud to have been at the forefront of this critical endeavor and look forward to our continued work with comScore during this Beta program.”

Daryl McNutt is the Senior Vice President of Research and Marketing at BrightRoll and he said: “Video viewing has evolved well beyond TV and online to mobile platforms, like tablets and smartphones, as consumers become increasingly platform agnostic in their content consumption. There’s a been a strong and growing need for a cross-platform campaign analytics solution that aligns with the realities of how content and advertising are currently delivered. vCE MP uses a novel approach in addressing these needs to help advertisers get smarter about allocating their media across screens.”

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes