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Mayor Wants Disclaimer for Advertising

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The Mayor of Glens Falls, John Jack Diamond, has recently ordered the Adirondack Phantoms to provide a disclaimer when advertisements are displayed during game night. Diamond wants the disclaimer to ensure that the city is not, by any means, endorsing Matt Doheny and his advertisement during his candidacy. According to Diamond, “The building needs to be politically neutral.” Diamond made this statement during an interview, which was held at City Hall. The disclaimer needs to be featured during the public service announcements that are made throughout the Phantoms game. Diamond made it clear the disclaimer bust be featured before Doheny start to participate in the activities that take place before the game.

Doheny and his campaign paid a total of $3,000 for an advertisement package that included a bunch of tickets for the Phantoms game, which is taking place on Saturday. The $3,000 package will also include the public announcements that will be featured during the games. One of these announcements was already made on October 13th. The second announcement is scheduled to take place on Saturday while Doheny will also appear on the ice for a puck drop. Contributors can donate a total of $50 to attend the reception, which will take place directly before the game and will be at Samantha’s Café and Catering, located on Broad Street.

Doheny is an investment fund manager in the Watertown area and he is currently running in the 21st Congressional District on the 6th of November against several other candidates. In the meantime, Diamond made it clear that he is not a fan of political advertisement at the Civic Center in Glens Falls. He believes that political advertisements at the center are simply inappropriate but knows that there is nothing he can do to stop them from being featured because the city does not have a ban on this form of advertising inside of the building. Diamond has said that he plans to go to the Common Council of the city to ask them if they can develop such a policy to determine whether or not political advertisements can be displayed at the center. Diamond says that he does not mind having political candidates participate in pre-game activities where they will be able to greet people. However, he feels that other forms of advertising are inappropriate.

In the meantime, a spokesperson for Doheny has said that the only reason Diamond is criticizing Doheny and his campaign is because he is a Democrat and Doheny is a Republican. According to the spokesperson, the criticism that Diamond is giving is all based on politics. Of course, Diamond begs to differ.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes