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Passing the Bar Exam is Still the Ticket to Employment for Law Students

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As law schools around the country are revising their curriculum to train students to be lawyers by giving them skills through clinics, mentorships, and other practical skills programs for graduates to be practice ready, the bar exam is still the ticket to attorney employment.  Many notables have failed the bar exam, including the current mayor of the City of Los Angeles.

One approach to studying for the bar exam is to study the law in the context of facts.  The premise of the essay portion of the bar exam, no matter what jurisdiction a bar applicant is in, is to test the IRAC (issue, rule, analysis, conclusion) style of thinking.  A passing score requires issue spotting (I), knowing the rules (R), analysis (A), and organization that makes an answer easy to understand.

Just knowing the rules is not good enough for passing.  Not knowing the rules and concentrating on legal analysis will not be passing.  One tool for studying the law in the context of facts is, a database of over two thousand authentic graded California bar exam essays.

Instead of spending countless hours reading and memorizing outlines, dispels the mysteries of a passing and failing bar exam answer.  With its revamped website, might become an essential supplement to studying for the California bar exam.   For less than $100, access to the database includes real graded essays, real scores, and real commentary from a former California bar grader.

An experienced attorney will likely confirm that the bar exam is a realistic test of a person’s competency in problem solving skills used throughout a legal career.  In the everyday life of a lawyer, someone goes to the lawyer to tell a story.  The attorney needs to spot the issues before conducting legal research to resolve problems. conveniently provides a searchable database so an examinee can study the rules and spot issues by the tested subjects.  Premium subscribers can see inside the head of a former bar grader to learn common mistakes that lead to failing like not having the complete rules, arguing back and forth unnecessarily, and not answering only the questions asked.

Besides just a tool for studying for the bar exam, teaches IRAC techniques that are useful even during law school, and comes with short outlines and checklists for most tested subjects on the California bar exam that can be personally tailored.  Nine California law schools have already arranged for free or discounted membership accounts for all of their students, including UC Davis, University of San Diego, Loyola, and Pepperdine.

Upcoming new features include model answers to over five years of past California essay exams, written by a former bar grader, and  submission of practice exams to a former bar grader for review while preparing for the California bar exam or California’s First Year Law Students’ Exam/baby bar.

Passing the Bar Exam is Still the Ticket to Employment for Law Students by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes