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Repeating the Bar Exam May Be the Pass to Attorney Employment

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Jeff Adachi, owner of Survival Series Publishing Company, a book publishing company that provides strategies for law school study and bar exams, and instructor of bar review courses for over 21 years, has openings for students for his February 2013 California bar review course.


Adachi’s bar review course focuses on the essay portion of the California bar exam.  Many of his past students were repeaters of the bar exam.  Failing the bar exam is not a determinant of how well someone will do in the next attempt so repeating the bar exam may be the pass to attorney employment.


Adachi’s class begins December 16, 2012 in San Francisco, CA, and the first class on torts is free.  The course runs mostly on the weekends, and is taught comfortably at the Best Western Tomo Hotel.  Bar applicants get 12 graded exams (one per subject) and a simulated exam (3 essay exams), copies of Adachi’s “Bar Breaker” Essay writing book, the Bar Exam Survival Kit, and the MBE Survival Kit.  The course gives students tips on memorization, and common mistakes that lead to failing.


When attorney employment is the goal, a bar applicant who does not succeed on the bar exam, needs to be willing to change his or her ways in order to write completely, and explain how he or she reaches conclusions.  Adachi teaches his students to break down each of the exam questions into steps such as not rushing to analyze, deconstructing the questions, outlining, and spotting on point issues.


Just like in an interview for an attorney job, first impressions are important on the bar exam.  A bar candidate has 3-5 minutes to impress the bar grader when the grader opens the exam book.  Too many grammatical errors may confuse the grader.  If the reasoning is not on point, the grader may be wary about unleashing the candidate to the public.   It is generally apparent to the bar grader when an applicant is guessing on the rules.  Adachi’s materials provide checklists on tested subjects to assist his students in analysis.


Adachi has assisted bar applicants who have taken the bar exam 6-9 times finally pass.  Many people are not able to work as attorneys when they do not adequately prepare for the bar exam with legal approaches to systematically attack essay questions and memorize the law.  Preparation means taking practice exams with detailed feedback on test taking skills.


The road to a legal career may require overcoming bar exam failure, but a repeater who does not give up the attempt will eventually lift the obstacles blocking success.


Repeating the Bar Exam May Be the Pass to Attorney Employment by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes