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Online Video Advertising Showing Record Growth

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Recent studies were done by Frost & Sullivan in Australia to examine their online video consuming habits.  The data shows that 94 percent of 15 to 17 year olds in Australia view television and films at least one time a month on a desktop computer or a laptop.  Smartphones and tablets are now used more for online video.  Two-thirds of smartphone users watch video clips at least one time per month.

Frost & Sullivan believe the upward trend of mobile gadgets is paving the way to more advanced multi-tasking via various electronic equipment and platforms.  Facebook, Twitter and other social medias have played a key role.

The generation of mobile gadgets along with the high request from Australian youths has helped a groundbreaking year of expansion in regards to the online video advertising industry.  A survey done several months back peered into the behavior of online video consumers of Australians between the age of 15 and 65.

The online video advertising industry sprouted 58% from June 2011 to June 2012, as it reached the $86 million mark.  In grew quicker in that twelve month timeframe than any other year.

Frost & Sullivan say that casual TV viewers are currently checking out online video on many various electronic devices.  The company also states that 40 percent of those who own tablets are using their devices all of, or most of, the time to watch traditional television.

Half of tablet users are watching television and movies at least one time per month.  39 percent of tablet owners check out short videos on an everyday basis.  The usage of tablets is expected to rise as more and more tablet behavior patterns are recognized.

The company projects tremendous growth in online video advertisements for the next half decade.  They believe revenues will skyrocket from $86 million to $442 million when 2017 rolls around.

Frost & Sullivan states that the video industry will undoubtedly outduel any other online entity’s advertising.

There are plenty of factors that will decide whether or not the online video market will soar in the years to come.

Due to how the industry is changing, brands are searching for ways to reach their target market as more of them are using mobile gadgets during commercials on TV or to watch lengthier content online with less advertising.

Agencies and brands are seeing online video as a vital piece of advertising on any platform because of how their target market consumers are engaged and interact with the content they are provided on their mobile device.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes