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Filling Federal Jobs Despite Hire Freeze

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In spite of the targeted hiring freeze, the General Services Administration is putting up advertisement to fill various positions. The government hiring website has posted more than a dozen GSA jobs which include building manager, contract specialist, financial management analyst, information technology specialist, realty specialist, performance manager and appraiser. GSA has been in the limelight due to ongoing spending scandals and is on the same track with their latest hiring policies.

GSA has released a statement about these jobs:

“During the targeted hiring freeze, GSA has filled some key positions that are necessary for the agency to fulfill its mission, which is in accordance with the original terms restricting hiring throughout the agency. For example, hiring has included roles that are critical to managing and repairing federal buildings, processing federal contracts, and leading the agency’s major divisions. Since July, 43 positions have been approved to be filled during the targeted hiring freeze, and of those 43, some were well into the hiring process already when the hiring freeze was announced.” — GSA Spokesman

Read the full article here:
Federal jobs filled despite hire freeze – Washington Times


Filling Federal Jobs Despite Hire Freeze by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes