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MoPub Releases its Mobile Advertising Marketplace Report

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MoPub is the globe’s top ad serer for mobile phone application publishers.  On November 13, they publicized their total results for the third quarter displayed their trends in ads spent on mobile phones and the pursuit of mobile phone advertisements, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Mobile Advertising Marketplace Report indicates that MobPub Marketplace, the globe’s top mobile advertising exchange represents 20 billion advertisement impressions a month over several apps, advertisers and platforms.

The figures in MoPub Marketplace stand for the trends by quarter according to demands by advertisers, impression costs and mobile phone inventory.  The Mobile Advertising Marketplace Report goes over general direction in competition for mobile advertisement inventory through three key factors, eCPM, and percentage of auctions with victors and buyer bids for each impression.  The numbers display monthly flows over a couple dozen components that determine revenue for mobile app creators.

With a great second quarter in the books, advertisers call for real-time bidding accelerated at extremely high rates towards the end of summer with the fourth quarter lurking.  Thanks to new hardware and software hitting the market, Apple, Google, other manufacturers, early holiday time advertisements have hit the ground running.  These ads covered all bases including shopping on the Internet as well as social media.  Because of this, general ad costs and demand have skyrocketed during this crucial time of the season.

According to the finds from the third quarter, Android operating systems are starting to gain on iOS with a 26 percent bump in cost.  iOS saw a slim CPM bump in September, thanks to the iPhone 5.

In terms of devices, the iPhone is the most sought after with a 3.5 Competitive Factor.

Over the summer, health and fitness was the most visited genre.  After that were news, entertainment and games.  The apps not many used were weather and productivity.

In terms of ad formats and sizes, original desktop advertisement parameters like mid-sized rectangles and banners exhibited the greatest increases in eCPMs, with bumps of 42 percent and 20 percent, respectively.  iPad banner eCPMs soared by 11 percent.

MoPub built the initial transparent market that lets ad agencies and other potential buyers open themselves to billions of ad impressions with super-specific target market information for the app creators.  MoPub Marketplace allows investors to totally control how their inventory is displayed.

MoPub was created two years ago by a seasoned mobile ad technology group and has cultivated upwards of $19 million in venture capital thanks to Accel Partners, Harrison Metal Capital and Jafco Ventures.  MoPub is based in San Francisco but also has building in New York City.

MoPub Releases its Mobile Advertising Marketplace Report by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes