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Texas Rangers Partner with Ultimate Software

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In a press release posted on the Herald Online, it was announced that Ultimate Software and the Texas Rangers from Major League Baseball have partnered together. The Rangers employ 2,000 workers in Arlington, Texas and have now improved their hiring process, streamlined their multiple HR business processes, have improved time management and onboarding and can now manage and forecast human capital expenses much better with the company’s software known as UltiPro.

The Rangers would operate multiple job fairs to fill their seasonal vacancies prior to using UltiPro. Human resource employees would have to sift through thousands of applicants at these fairs to fill 1,200 positions in parking, customer service, and security. At the job fairs, applicants had to stand in line and wait to fill out the application, wait for to be interviewed and then complete screenings.

The finance and systems analyst for the Texas Rangers is Machelle Noel and she said that the number of job fairs has been reduced dramatically and the human resource team has been able to manage their seasonal hiring much better.

“Now with UltiPro Recruitment, applicants are completing forms online, and we are reducing paper usage and improving the accuracy of hiring information. We set up the applicant interviews through email with UltiPro’s scheduling tools and only invited those to the fair who were the most qualified based on the screening questions completed. By cutting paper, decreasing the number of individuals interviewed, and reducing the amount of applicants required to complete costly pre-employment verifications, we are achieving a range of hard- and soft-cost savings associated with hiring as well as providing a high-quality experience for candidates,” said Noel. “Everyone raved about how much more smoothly our Spring 2012 hiring process was by using UltiPro.”

When a new employee is hired by the Rangers, his or her information is entered into UltiPro for payroll purposes.

“UltiPro is especially helpful to us because every year we scale in size, and now this transition is easier for everyone,” said Noel. “We can quickly hire and re-hire employees and then get them started on becoming immediately productive — all without having to attend unnecessary meetings, print booklets, or mail piles of paper.”

The Rangers have also been able to transform their time management processes because of UltiPro.

“Previously, managing time and attendance was much more difficult. For example, we had to ask our employees to wait and then clock in right before their shift because the system would start paying them upon clocking in rather than for their actual scheduled work hours. Employees had to line up and wait, and the organization was still paying for some time that wasn’t really spent working,” said Noel. “Now with UltiPro, employees and managers verify their hours so if they had to arrive early or stay late, hours can be adjusted easily before the payroll is submitted. The gray areas and unnecessary costs have been removed from the budget.”

Greg Swick, the chief sales officer for Ultimate Software, said that “Professional sports organizations have unique business needs, especially when it comes to overseeing their people-related processes. Complexities include effectively managing a fluctuating, diverse workforce; handling complex multi-state taxation and payroll requirements; and streamlining the scope of HR operations. UltiPro provides flexible and powerful technology with comprehensive HCM functionality that can adapt to ever-changing business needs. We’re very pleased to add the Texas Rangers to our growing roster of professional sports organizations that have experienced significant business improvements with UltiPro.”

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes