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Unemployment Declines in October in California

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The California Employment Development Department found that California’s unemployment rate for the month of October fell from September’s 10.2 percent to 10.1 percent.  It is also down from a year ago, when it was 11.5 percent last October, according to Lake County News.

From October to September, unemployment in California fell by 29,000 to 1,848,000 and over the last twelve months, it has decreased 274,000.

Nonagricultural jobs in the stated amassed to 14,417,200 in October, a 45,800 bump from September and 295,300 overall for the last twelve months.

The state’s unemployment figures are determined from a federal survey of 5,500 families, while a survey of 42,000 state businesses produces findings in terms of employment.

The Employee Development Department says Lake County had a 13.8 percent unemployment rate for October, a .4 percent raise from September.  It is down, however, from October 2011’s 15.2 percent mark.

The unemployment mark for the country in October was 7.9 percent, a .1 percent increase from September.  It is a full percent drop when compared to the 8.9 mark of October 2011.

Lake County was made up of 25,310 workers in October, a slight loss from 25,500 in September and even more so from the 25,900 people in last October.

3,500 Lake County citizens did not have jobs in October, 80 more people than in September but 430 people less than last October.

Lake County’s pay and salary jobs fell 160 positions from September to October.  Six divisions in the industry did not fluctuate while five dipped for the timeframe.

The five that fell were farm, transportation and utilities, professional and business services, leisure and hospitality as well as government.

Findings showed that Marin County had the smallest unemployment number at 5.8 percent while Imperial was the worst with a 28.1 percent mark.

The Employment Development Department states that payroll jobs in the non-farm sectors of the state reached 14,417,200 in October.  That figure equals a net increase of 45,800 gigs following the September survey.

The survey indicated 453,448 people had regular unemployment insurance benefits in October.  That number is down 17,067 from September and down over 40,000 from October of 2011.

In terms of claims, 7,526 more claims were made in October from September’s 48,017.  October of 2011, however, saw just 68,724 claims.

Construction, manufacturing, trade, transportation and utilities, educational and health services, professional and business services have increased their job load from September.

Mining/logging, financial activities, information and government declined, losing roughly 50,800 jobs over that span of time.

For the year, only a few switched gains/losses from the monthly look.  Manufacturing saw a loss, while financial activities and information saw gains. The report said that government lost 37,800 jobs from October of 2011 to October of 2012.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes