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Despite Defections, Telecommuting is Likely to Grow

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In early 2013, some controversial moves by Yahoo and Best Buy may have created the impression that telework is losing favor with US employers.
However, the practice of working from home or other remote locations has been gaining ground for years, and experts do not expect most companies to change course. Predictions are for a continued and vigorous expansion in telecommuting.
Supporters cite many advantages of the telework program. Jack Niles, CEO of JALA International, has studied the concept formally. In his opinion, telework program workers are better organized and focused than in-office employees. Calling the typical work office dysfunctional, Niles expresses that he hopes Yahoo is an outlier. His evidence clearly suggests that telework has increased. Human Resource Management Chairman of Libby Sartain LLC believes that although remote working relationships take more time to manage, telework does have its rewards. Private sector companies account for the bulk of telecommuters, although it has been reported that telework is increasing among federal state and nonprofit workers.
Employees and senior managers often see the value of telecommuting, while middle managers don’t often understand the business benefits or how to manage remote workers.
So despite Yahoo’s and Best Buy’s decision to limit telecommuting, the work-from-home program continues to increase.

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Despite Defections, Telecommuting is Likely to Grow by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes