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Leave Requests – When They Get Complicated

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Chrisanne Lanier was a business analyst for UT Southwestern Medical Center. She was required to be on call for lengthy shifts due to her position. She, when her father was in poor health and in the emergency room, requested leave via text message and got another employee to cover for her. This was covered under the FMLA, or Family and Medical Leave Act, as her father was suffering a major health disaster. Later on, he was stricken with a heart attack, and she sent a text message to her supervisor telling him that she couldn’t be on call. There was a dispute between her supervisor and her on the next day, in which she was forced to resign. However, she contested this decision in court. What was being questioned wasn’t really whether a text message is a valid leave request, but whether she provided enough information to her supervisor for it to be determined as a valid FMLA excuse. As she stated no reason why she wouldn’t be able to make it, her supervisor could have easily guessed that she just didn’t want to come to work that day. However, she expected that he remembered her father was in poor health, and claimed that her supervisor should have asked more questions. Nevertheless, the court decided in the hospital’s favor.

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Leave Requests - When They Get Complicated by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes