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Transitions: Movin’ Out, Movin’ Up

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We start learning about transitions as soon as we set foot into school. Winter changes into spring, cocoons open up, and before you know it–the boys and girls are separated in gym class to watch an instructional video about that kind of transition. Many years after the butterflies (the literal ones from 8th grade science class and the figurative ones from your first school dance), transitions still make us a little nervous–especially when it comes to our careers.

President-Elect Barack Obama’s move to the White House is perhaps the most prominent example of someone faced with a huge job transition. He’s got a whole team in place to help him make the switch from Illinois Senator to Commander-In-Chief: but what about you?

When you are in the midst of a job transition, there are a few key ‘action items’ you need to remember (now there’s a corporate phrase if I’ve ever heard one! Maybe I should go on ConsultingCrossing!).

1. Do your homework. Get up to speed on the company even more so than you did before your interview. You may cover a lot in training, but go the extra mile to learn not only about your position, but also about the overall structure of the organization AND who the key players are. EmploymentCrossing also has tons of articles and features to help bring you up to speed on your industry–and for even more access try our free trial.

2. Demonstrate class and candor. If you don’t like something–keep it to yourself until you’ve figured out the key players and how best to communicate it effectively. Presuming you understand why everything is like it is is, well, presumptuous. Speak up and ask lots of questions if you don’t understand something.

So even though you may not have ‘people’ to do your research and help you strategize your next job move, don’t be afraid of change.

Transitions: Movin' Out, Movin' Up by
Authored by: PRGUY222