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Who’s in Your Top Five?

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You know how us girls and boys these days have a ‘top five’ list? If you don’t know (you should), it’s a list comprised of your fave five dudes or chicks you’d like to…well, you know. It’s almost always made up of celebrities, athletes, or public figures– the kinds of people you can’t actually have, otherwise your significant other would be H-U-R-T 🙁

Just like having your ‘top five’ of people you’d like to rendezvous with, so too should you keep a little list handy of those employers you’d really LOVE to work for. Really think about it. Choose the ones that make you weak in the knees and feel warm and fuzzy.

In the meantime, while you’re scoopin’ ice cream down at the Baskin Robbins or taking orders at a job you despise from someone you’d highly enjoy hitting upside the head with a frying pan, get a free trial to EmploymentCrossing and search for the dream job at your dream company. You’ll feel better for taking positive steps in your career search and you can browse mucho sites (100+ to be more precise) with so many jobs it’ll make your head spin. Hello, LawCrossing! Almost 142,000 legal jobs! Wowzers.

So before, during, and after the masterful creation of your employer ‘top five’, let EmploymentCrossing help. We are employment gods — so to speak 🙂

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Authored by: PRGUY222