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Work-Swap: Getting in Shape to Take Their Place

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Today, President-Elect Barack Obama met with President Bush in the Oval Office to discuss the transition between administrations. Mr. Bush told the media that he was seeking to make the transition as “smooth as possible” for the President-elect. The transfer of power between executives is a  well-documented performance evaluation: the outgoing presidents’ strengths and areas for growth are on display.

When we start a new job, many of us do not get the chance to have a private conversation or a one-on-one training session with our predecessor–especially one that takes place in a historic, unusually-shaped room (I think I saw a triangular bathroom display at IKEA once, but that’s a different story). If we’re lucky, we–the new kids– may get a training document or a chance to call them a couple of times for some quick questions. Otherwise, we have to use the resources available to us to make sense of our new role.

When you are vetting potential employers before accepting the offer, don’t be afraid to ask why the position is open in the first place. If you want to contact the person in the current position–filter their observations about the position, supervisors, or company through the lens of their particular experience. While their negative comments or experience may be a red flag, it does not necessarily mean this position is bad for you.  If the position is new, make sure you fully understand the rationale for its creation.

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Work-Swap: Getting in Shape to Take Their Place by
Authored by: PRGUY222