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Jobs. Cool Jobs.

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When Quantum of Solace, the 22nd James Bond film, hit theaters last Friday, an old complex was revived: for two hours the glamor of international spy games with a chic facade made everything in our own lives seem, well, pretty lame. Women said their first and last names aloud–disappointed by the lack of moxie: Nancy Brown is no Christmas Jones. Guys realized just how difficult it is to think of themselves as smooth while rocking their hoodie/cargo shorts/outdoor sandals ensembles. Bond’s well-cut suits and effortless suave demeanor during even the most dangerous spy missions make us wonder. . .what if OUR jobs were that cool?

It’s not about having a job as cool as Bond. Let’s face it–most of us won’t. But having a job that makes us FEEL cool. . now that’s worthwhile. For an accountant, that may mean that you prevented a major downward financial spiral. For a call center worker–you might have solved a problem for a customer that on one else could.

Although there is not a, contains over 90 job boards that list the latest and greatest positions in accounting, call centers, and much much more. Many of these positions are unavailable on paid job sites. Jetset here for the free trial.

Remember that scene in Office Space when Peter, Michael and Samir are sauntering in slo-mo away from the badly beaten printer–their confidence is high and for just a moment, they love their jobs. If we’re able to tell people what we do for a living no matter what it is–and feel proud and confident at least one moment (and hopefully many moments) in the day. . .things will be cool.

Moneypenney, my martini.

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Authored by: PRGUY222