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New Advertisement Pilot at University Football Game

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The Super Uniform Group Incorporation, known for designing and developing all sorts of uniforms and apparel, recently made an announcement about its new division, everyBODY media, which is their partnership with the Crimson Tide Sports Marketing and the Golden Flake Snack Foods and Centerplate. The new division just featured in its first pilot program towards the beginning of April, on April 12th, 2012 to be exact. The pilot was featured during a football game at the University of Alabama.

With sports pilot all planned, hundreds of the vendors in the stadium were wearing apparel that had been custom designed for the University of Alabama, along with everyBODY media advertising panels, Switch-it. There were about 80,000 fans at the stadium, and these panels helped the Golden Flake Snack Foods to gain some serious exposure, especially since they are currently holding a Lunch with the Coach contest.

The director of marketing at Golden Flake Snack Foods, Julie McLaughlin, says that the company excited to be part of the pilot. McLaughlin believes that this is a type of media that will stand out above the rest, especially with all of the advertisement overcrowding. She says that this advertisement was not only visible; it also helped to engage the audience by providing some sort of interaction between the fans at the stadium and the Golden Flak Brand.

With the Switch-it technology, the stadium will have absolutely no problem changing the advertisement that is being displayed without having to remove or adjust the physical garments. With Switch-It and with uniforms, the possibility of earning a large chunk of revenue is definitely there and is often less expensive. It is also a way to build experience for companies and brands, because this is one of the best ways to engage with such a large audience all at one time.

The general manager for Crimson Tide Sports Marketing, Jim Carabin, says that this strategy is definitely unique but in a good way. He says that it will help the company by giving more space for the sponsors to advertise and he also believes that these advertisements will be more accepted by fans, creating more engagement, and helping the sponsors to get the recognition that they want and need to have success. Carabin credits everyBODY media for making it easy to advertise in such an active and large stadium.

The managing director for everyBODY media, David Schechter, says that everyone at the company is grateful to be able to work with Crimson Tide Marketing and the Golden Flake Snack Foods. He also says they are looking forward to the opportunity of being able to spread this media in sports stadiums and arenas worldwide. But, he says they won’t stop there. There are also plans for using the same idea at major events, grocery stores, and even restaurants.

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New Advertisement Pilot at University Football Game by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes