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Why Steppin’ Out Helps You Step Up

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Whether you work in a high-stress environment , have a grueling commute, or are searching for a new job, most of us probably have a tough time breaking out of our after-hours and weekend routines.  Sometimes just the thought of tagging along to Happy Hour with the gang or showing up at the junior executives birthday party on that Saturday you really wanted to spend just re-thinking your personal finance goals makes you want to call it quits as soon as you shut down your computer for the weekend.

And, along the personal finances chain. . .can we talk about how expensive it is to go out? ESPECIALLY if you’re in a big city. Hello? My Roth IRA needs care and feeding, thanks. Going out doesn’t always have to mean spending tons of money or going only to the most exclusive places.

Going out with co-workers, participating in social events, putting yourself out there–whatever you may call it helps you enjoy your job more the closer you become with your after-hours buddies. Just like the old adage that most major deals are made on the golf courses or the smoky back room. . most truly funny inside jokes and work friendships are not formed during budget meetings.

Just like and CitySearch are great resources for finding unique events and places for you and your co-workers, offers unique job sites across 90 industries and allows you find an position that’s right for you.

Now this blog post is done, I think I’ll head home for a nice date with TiVo. What’s that you say? I can hear you chanting that same phrase Mom used to tell me when I tried to bow out of a party game.

Don’t be a fuddy duddy. Ok I hear you. So I’ll repeat it back. I promise not to be a fuddy duddy, but only if you promise, too.

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Authored by: PRGUY222