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A One Dollar Salary, Huh…Must Be Nice To Have the Choice.

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Post Views 1 reported today that Ford CEO Alan Mulally told Congress he would work for one dollar a year if the company had to take government loans. Reading this, two emotions came to mind: anger, awe, and (make that three emotions) sadness. Although, anger nearly won out until I really put my thinking cap on.

What made me angry was that Mr. Mulally has obviously made so much money in his post as Ford CEO that he could actually afford to live on a one dollar salary! Seems a little insane, indulgent, and downright maddening to me! I mean was his salary really that exorbitant to begin with? Obviously.

What made me sad was the inadequacy I felt in comparison. Little ole’ me seemed oh so insignificant when I thought about what he was able to give up…choose to give up.

Then I felt a lil’ bit of awe for the guy and what he’s accomplished. Someone who’s earned a spot as CEO of a company like Ford has probably paid their dues–and then some. I thought about how much he must love his career and the passion he probably brings to his work. I imagine he’s made many sacrifices.

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A One Dollar Salary, Huh...Must Be Nice To Have the Choice. by
Authored by: PRGUY222