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Barack’ing and Bar’olling in a Tough Job Market

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Let the bidding begin! Just weeks after opening its doors to applicants, the Obama transition team has been bombarded with hundreds of thousands of resumes from people looking for jobs in the new administration.  The main problem for all these Obamanizers is the sheer volume of competition they will face.  There are only 8,000 open posts and they are 300,000 and growing.


What’s more is that all reports indicate that they are extremely well-qualified. Popularity aside, Obama’s team is experiencing something many employers are–too many qualified applicants competing for too few jobs.  So the question becomes, how does anyone manage to stand out in the crowd? What is the difference between a successful candidate and an unsuccessful candidate?  Is it how you showcase your strengths on paper or does good old networking really get the job done?


For many, tough economic times coupled with stiff competition have made job hunting a dreaded task.  But like the saying goes, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”  You have to keep focused and not get discouraged.  There still are jobs out there and the harder you work to find them, the quicker you will become one of the lucky 8,000 that learned how to stand out in the crowd.

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Barack'ing and Bar'olling in a Tough Job Market by
Authored by: PRGUY222