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Keep Your Party Pants in Check

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The holiday season is officially upon us and we know what that means, PARTY TIME! YAHOOO!! We’re already four days into December and this weekend is perfectly suited for starting out the season with tiny finger foods and adult beverages. Tis’ true that many a company is scaling back the office extravaganzas, but, regardless, chances are you will be attending at least one festivity.

Parties abound during this time of year, both personally and professionally. There’s your friends’ Tacky Christmas party, your work holiday party, your bf’s/gf’s work holiday party, family get togethers, random cocktail parties, and don’t forget about New Year’s parties too! With all the ‘stuffing your face’ and imbibing going on this time of year, it’s important to keep yourself in check and not make a fool of yourself…you never know who may be watching. You do not want to be that guy/girl chugging Goldschlager straight from the bottle with reindeer ears on your head. You just never know who works where, who runs what, and who can’t keep their mouth shut.

In the spirit of holiday giving and keeping you in the good graces of any potential employers, co-workers, even family members, here are some surefire tips to staying out of the dog house.

Number One: Learn to hold your alcohol. Just kidding…what I meant to say was don’t drink too much.

Number Two: There is no number two. If you don’t take down five glasses of Chardonnay or any Jager Bombs, you can avoid a massive amount of embarrassment needed to survive the night with your dignity and reputation intact. Not to mention you’ll be alert enough to carry on a convo and network seamlessly through the night.

Enjoy all your siorees this weekend and let EmploymentCrossing contribute to the success of your job search. We make up for what cocktail schmoozing lacks. Gotta free trial, too.

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Authored by: PRGUY222