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Ohio Walmart Runs Food Drive for its Employees

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For this Thanksgiving, a Walmart in Ohio is running an in-store food drive for its own employees. The news spread when signs for the Walmart food drive were circulated by OUR Walmart, which is an advocacy organization that is associated with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. Pictures show signs taped to bins within the backrooms, where employees could donate food, so that associates could have food for Thanksgiving.

According to Huffington Post, the food drive is proof that low-wage workers are struggling on a regular basis. Many of Walmart’s employees earn less than $25,000 annually. This means that most end up having to rely on other forms of financial assistance, such as food stamps and Medicaid. This translates to U.S. taxpayers paying $900,000 annually for just one of Walmart’s low-paid employees.

A representative of Walmart stated that the Canton food drive isn’t an indication of low wages, but to promote a supportive employee culture. Money is also being accepted as a donation, up to $1,500 of which can be used per employee who is facing homelessness, a serious medical problem, major car repairs and other emergencies.

There have been instances of worker protests, organized by OUR Walmart. Strikes were held across the nation, demanding higher wages and improved work environment. In 2012, there were protests at Walmart in 46 states during Black Friday and Thanksgiving. It is expected that similar actions will take place this year, especially during the holiday season.

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Ohio Walmart Runs Food Drive for its Employees by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes